Hastily Scribbled mostly just a mish-mash of things done over the years, quick cartoons, silly drawings, and stories that I don't consistently work on but which I've put some amount of work toward. In that way, it's essentially a one-person anthology. There was once a loose concept for the site, in that it might become some sort of adult-themed version of Highlights magazine, with games and puzzles and things of that sort. At this point, though, it's mostly just a dumping ground for the stuff I do without much of an idea of where to put it.

At any rate, I still think this site has some fun and interesting stuff, worth showing off. As I do more, and further uncover old stuff, I'll update. However, there is, and never will be, a regular update schedule for this site. The refresh of content here is sporatic, at best. Heck, it took me almost three years just to institute a modest website design for this place.

Sorry if that's disappointing to you, but at this point, I suspect it doesn't really matter to anyone.

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